Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep my membership active?
Participation in at least 5 non-fee rides that appear on the BCC calendar during the season (November 1 through October 31) has been established as the minimum level defining active membership in BCC, as well as payment of the annual dues. Registration for the Little Red Riding Hood ride without having to participate in the lottery is a benefit of membership the Board felt should be reserved for active members. So with over 627 rides scheduled so far this year, it shouldn't be that hard to find a few rides that fit your needs to remain an active BCC member.
Bike Rides- It's What We Do

Leading a Ride For all members planning on leading a BCC ride during the current season, Ride Leader Orientation is held in winter or early spring. Requirements for scheduling, setting up a route, and a step by step guide to leading a ride are covered in this session. A second session will be available sometime during the season if enough interest exists from new members.

Club Mileage
Mileage is accrued by riding rides that are scheduled on the BCC ride calendar. The ride season runs from Nov 1 to Oct 31 of the following year. The ride leader records the members in attendance after the ride.
I'm not in shape. What rides should I do? Will I fit in with the Club?
We have a number of rides suited for those who are just beginning or getting back into shape, as well as for our more fit club members. Rides are rated on a level from A-D, according to your average speed, “A” being the fastest and “D” the slowest, social paced rides. You can find the ratings on the ride calendar with a description of the terrain. If you have questions, you may contact the ride leader beforehand.
Do I have to be a member to ride on one of your rides?
No, it is not mandatory that you be a member to join our rides. However, we do encourage you to join after you have tried out our club rides a few times.
What does the BCC do and what does it stand for?

BCC sponsors mileage challenges for its members with awards given at our year-end banquet that include the Social Series, Metric, Climb, Mountain, and SuperSeries rides. All mileage accrued on club rides is tracked on the website.

We sponsor the Commuter Challenge for our members to track their bicycling commuting miles as a way to promote cleaner air.

BCC provides a ride calendar to permit cyclists to improve their skills through literally dozens of choices per week.

BCC is the organizer of the Little Red ride and has done this for more than 25 years. Proceeds from the event have recently gone to the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

Utah has Share the Road license plates, thanks in a big part to BCC's ability to donate $10,000 to finance the first run of the plates as required by Utah law several years ago.