Number of Series Rides Required for Year-End Awards

Awards are presented at the year-end awards banquet for riders who have completed any or all of the following criteria.

Series Jersey

  • 10 Social Series Rides
  • 7 Metric Series Rides
  • 7 Superseries Rides
  • 7 MTB Rides
  • 10 Climb Series Rides in 3 canyons
  • Requires at least 5 commutes for a year-end award.

So You Are A New/Prospective Member?

Here are a few suggestions:

Get out and ride with us. Check out the Ride Calendar for a ride that matches your abilities.

Read the Rider Guidelines to make sure your ride is enjoyable.

Sign up for the Ride Email List to get the latest news for rides.

Make a goal for Year-End Series Awards as described below.

Read the Newsletter for all the latest Club News.

Do you have a favorite ride? Consider being a Ride Leader after completing a few club rides.

Be a Volunteer which is the best way to make new friends. Talk to any Board Member for details.

Keep Riding. The more you ride with us the better it gets.

Recent News

Two Million Club Miles

BCC surpassed the 1 million mile mark at the Harmons MS event in June 2010 where BCC provides Ride Marshals. On April 16th, 2016 with over 50 riders on the Tailwind Rides (Social, Metric, and Century) BCC passed the 2 million mile mark!

Little Red Wins Award

Your hard work and dedication as Little Red Volunteers is a big reason the Cache Valley Chamber of Commerce selected Little Red as: Cache Chamber's Event of the Year. We competed against events much larger than Little Red, like Ragnar running relay race, Lotoja bike race, and MS 150, along with a number of other events including running, biking, swimming, triathlons, etc. I can not begin to thank you for all your help with Little Red.

-Curt Griffin - LRRH Chair

(from a thank you letter sent to volunteers)

One Million Club Miles

Over 1,000,000 Club Miles Ridden.

BCC surpassed the 1 million mile mark at the Harmons MS event in June 2010 where BCC provides Ride Marshals. Starting the season for 2016 we have surpassed 1.96 million miles with only 36000 miles to go to reach 2 million miles ridden and club mileage is rising faster than Utahs snow totals . Join BCC and track your mileage to add to the fun!

BCC Commuter ChallengeGets Recognition

Cycling Utah recently carried an article by BCC member Lou Melini describing the bicycle commuting experiences of members of the Bike Commuter Challenge. Click here to see the article.