Jackie McGill | BCC President Jun 19, 2019


I'm excited to see all of the riding options on the ride calendar! Thank you to all of the ride leaders and riders! We wouldn't have a club without you.

Riding Options for Everyone

BCC works hard to make sure that our calendar includes rides for all levels, abilities and interests. We’d really like to encourage more of our C and D paced ride leaders get more rides on the calendar. With the dry weather and relatively cooler temperatures we’ve been experiencing, the weather’s perfect!

Just a quick scan of this week's calendar shows the following (and were still early in the week):

  • AB Pace - 4 rides
  • ABC Pace - 4 rides
  • B Pace - 4 rides
  • BC Pace - 1 ride
  • CD Pace - 1 ride
  • Open Pace - 7 rides
  • Climb Series - 2 rides
  • Mountain Bike - 1 ride

Remember that open paced rides are open to A (18-22 mph average), B (15-18 mph average), C (13-15 mph average), and D (10-13 mph average) paced riders.

New Meet & Greet Ride

There’s a new recurring Meet & Greet ride planned every Friday at 6pm. This is a great starter ride for anyone wanting to join BCC or learn more about the various rides that we offer. For those that ride with us on a regular basis, this is an easy Friday night ride to wind down from the day. Come join us as cruise through Holladay and get to know new members. Dinner after the ride is planned for anyone that wants to socialize.

Little Red 2019 Wrap Up & Highlights

First off, thank you! Thank you! To all of you who volunteered!! We had another great year! Weather was PERFECT! Donations to Huntsman Heroes are up quite a bit from last year. Feedback from the Cache Valley communities has been positive.

The safety team did an outstanding job of getting the message out and riders responded with much safer riding behavior. The “good rider behavior” tokens allowing riders to bypass next years’ lottery that were given away to riders exhibiting safe riding, were well received and we’re planning to carry this over to the 2020 ride.

There were some issues associated with the Westin Rest Stop and the short route. We are addressing those issues and will adjust next year.

If you haven’t seen the video that the Little Red planning committee produced, you can check it out here: Little Red 2019.

Bike Utah Looking for Volunteers

Phil Sarnoff with Bike Utah met with the board at our June meeting asking for BCC member assistance with some of their programs, including their Midweek Mountain Bike series and their Youth BEST program. If you are interested and able to help, contact him at phil@bikeutah.org. He also encouraged us to contact him with any public road maintenance/safety issues that we might identify as we ride.