Why join the BCC?

Road and mountain biking with our club is not only great exercise, but fun! We offer non-intimidating, safe, social rides and advocate for safety and cycling awareness. For $35, you gain membership to the club for one year. Our club calendar provides opportunity for every level of cyclist and our rides have descriptions/guidelines so you can choose which best suit your needs. Rides led by our volunteer members are always free.

Members receive discounted entry fees for Little Red Riding Hood.

The BCC also allows members to participate in our Commuter Challenge. Keep track of your commuter miles and do your part to help eliminate carbon emissions.

For more information, please email info@bccutah.org.


Cycling in a group is more safe than riding alone. More riders means more visibility, and the less likely you are to be hit by a vehicle. We observe all traffic laws, including coming to a full stop at stop signs. Our ride leaders would be happy to answer any safety related questions you may have on our rides.

Please remember that all riders must wear a helmet to participate in any club ride and iPods are not permitted for the safety of the individual, as well as the group.

Club Discounts

In order to obtain the discounts offered to club members below, you must show proof of membership to the merchant. This can be done by logging into your profile page on your smartphone, and showing it that way. Or, print out a copy of your profile page at home, and take it with you.


Bingham Cyclery

10% off clothing and accessories

Bountiful Bicycle

10% off clothing and accessories

Cottonwood Cyclery

15% off accessories

Hyland Cyclery

10% off bicycles and 15% off accessories

The Bike Shed

15% off parts for your bike

Precision Bike Fit

$100 discount on bike fit

Mad Dog Cycles

10% off bicycles and 15% off parts, accessories and labor

Pearl Izumi

15% discount at Pearl Izumi store

Membership Application


Existing Members Renew Here

Membership is open to anyone over the age of 18.

Primary Membership - $35.00

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A Club Directory is available on the BCC site for logged in Members only. Your email, telephone and ride statistics will NOT be shared unless you authorize it by checking the appropriate items below. You can update this at any time on your profile page.

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