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Date Sunday, January 13, 2019 at 1:00pm

NO DROP ride for B riders and A riders with patience. Ride from Highland

HS to my favorite Maverik and back (see map) Must have dry roads, dress

for the temperature. Hey it is going to be sunny and the Polar Bear

ride is soon.rnrn

Distance 28
Elevation Gain 921
Pace A-B 15-22mph

4: The rollers and grades that occur in the valleys. Good examples are short but fairly steep hills such as Winchester Hill at 1300 W. and Temple Hill on 4000 W. Rides typically have 1000 feet or less in total vertical gain. Most of our rides fall into this category.

Map Map
Meeting Location

Highland High School 2100 South 1700 East, Northeast corner of lot.

Ride Leader Bob Schultz | (801) 706-4784 | wtravel40@aol.com

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