OctoberCycleFest Metric - Sunday Return from Lava Hot Springs via Thatcher and Treasureton Pass - John McCall leads the Metric; John LeCain leads the Super

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Date Sunday, October 10, 2021 at 10:00am

Ride from Lava Hot Springs to Preston via Grace and Treasureton Pass. There are three climbs on this route - the first out of Lava is steep but short, the second to Treasureton Pass is 3-4% slow grind, and the last is a 3/4 mile grind to Preston. Reportedly there are two convenience stores in Grace that open on Sundays. There's also a water spigot in the Grace City Park.

Distance 60
Elevation Gain 3127
Pace O Open-paced ride

3-4: Mild hills to hilly

Map Map
Bathrooms Available at Start Yes
Meeting Location

Lava Hot Springs City Park

Ride Leader John McCall | 801-574-8301 | Johnrichardmccall@gmail.com

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