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Date Saturday, September 11, 2021 at 8:00am

We start by working our way up to Wasatch Blvd then ride a clockwise route around the valley. 10 miles of the West side of the route is on the Mountain View Corridor Bike Path, we get on it at 7800 S and take it all the way to California Ave (1300 S) *Note: >>> Route isn't marked please study and download the map and use navigation aids. >>> The Bike Path from 7800 S to 1300 S parallels the Mountain View Highway and NEVER uses a road, if you do take a branch that goes to a road you just took a wrong turn.

Distance 60
Elevation Gain 2577
Pace O Open-paced ride
Map Map
Bathrooms Available at Start No
Meeting Location

Highland High School 2100 South 1700 East, SLC - Northeast corner of lot.

Ride Leader Penny Perkins | (801) 708-9835 |

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