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Date Saturday, January 18, 2020 at 9:30am

This is a virtual ride using the Zwift app. You also need a smart trainer. This is a virtual no drop ride which means we should all be kept together regardless of your power output as long as you don't stop pedaling. This will be a test of this feature since I imagine there is more potential for us to separate.

In order to ride, I will need to invite you. You will also need to "follow me' on Zwift before I can invite you.

Please let me know if you have questions about this ride.

This is your chance to ride the iconic Alps de Huez ride that you have seen in the Tour de France.
Zwift created this route using GPS data to perfectly match the incline and distance of the storied climb with its 21 hairpin turns. The climb to Alp d’Huez actually has two different finish points: the “tourist version” and the Tour de France version. Alpe du Zwift matches the tourist version, which is ~2km shorter with 40 meters less climbing than the TdF.

I have chosen a route that will give us a 13k/7.8 mile warm up before we hit the climb. This route only adds less than 100 additional feet of climbing vs. the shorter route. We will all appreciate the warm up.

Distance 15
Elevation Gain 3825
Pace O Open-paced ride

1: The hardest climbs you can think of around here! Think of Little Cottonwood Canyon, Big Cottonwood Canyon, or Mt. Nebo as good examples.

Map Map
Meeting Location

Our own sweaty bike cave

Ride Leader Lori Schoenwald | 801-631-1723 | l.chidester@yahoo.com

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