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Date Wednesday, January 8, 2020 at 6:15pm

This is a virtual ride using the Zwift app. You also need a smart trainer. This is a virtual no drop ride which means we will all be kept together regardless of your power output. There will be no club credit for this ride. This will be fun and will be another option for us to ride together when the weather/air is bad. I have scheduled this ride to go for 45 minutes. Your distance will vary based on your actual speed. I have estimated the miles as 15 and the elevation gain as 1000. There will be 503 ft of elevation per 7.63 miles of riding. Remember what goes up must come down and we LOVE the down.

In order to ride, I will need to invite you. You will also need to "follow me' on Zwift before I can invite you.

Please let me know if you have questions about this ride.

Distance 15
Elevation Gain 1000
Pace O Open-paced ride

4: The rollers and grades that occur in the valleys. Good examples are short but fairly steep hills such as Winchester Hill at 1300 W. and Temple Hill on 4000 W. Rides typically have 1000 feet or less in total vertical gain. Most of our rides fall into this category.

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Your own home

Ride Leader Lori Schoenwald | 801-631-1723 | l.chidester@yahoo.com

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