Meetings open to club members. All general membership meetings and Board of Directors meetings are open to all club members. There shall be at least four general membership meetings scheduled yearly by the Board of Directors. One of these meetings must be the Annual Membership Meeting. The other meetings may be a formal meeting, picnic or any such other gathering that allows for discussion of club activities, the airing of grievances and access by the membership to the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors Meetings.
The Board of Directors shall meet at least ten times annually. At the first Board meeting after the Annual Membership Meeting the Board of Directors shall establish the meeting schedule for the following year, including the general membership meetings. The Board shall publish the date and time of the meeting schedule on the website. Special or emergency Board of Directors meetings may be called by the President at any time as long as all Board members are notified of the meeting.

(Club year runs from Nov 1 - Oct 30)

Below are the most recent Board meeting and General meeting minutes.

2020-2021 Minutes

2019-2020 Minutes

2018-2019 Minutes

2017-2018 Minutes