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Veyo Loop: Social Ride For Pie

Saturday Oct 13 10:00 AM

39 miles / 2500 feet / O OPEN Pace / 4 Mild Hills / e So. Utah area

Starting at the pavilion at Ivins City Park, we'll do the Veyo Loop clockwise. Fairly social pace with regroups at "the Y," Veyo, and top of Snow Canyon. We'll take a pie stop in Veyo for at least 20 minutes-1/2 hour. Yes, we do actually eat pie. Or some other delicious treat. For those unfamiliar with the route, it's rolling to the Y then mostly uphill to Veyo. There are three fairly short but steep sections with pitches above 10% on the way to Veyo. After our pie stop, there's about 1/2 mile of steady climbing then it's mostly downhill back to Ivins; including the super fast descent down Snow Canyon. I have a Snow Canyon Pass which gets in 8 riders. If you have a pass bring it; or bring along $5 in case we have more than 8 riders and some have to pay the fee. There is a route that by-passes Snow Canyon but it's not as pretty.

Meet at: Start is at Ivins City Park located on 100 W behind the Ivins Fire Station. Meet under the pavilion near the bathrooms. There's plenty of parking on the street near the park.

Deborah Bowling

deb@planetultra.com 818-624-4544

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