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Antelope Island Classic

Saturday May 5 08:00 AM

49 miles / O OPEN Pace / 4 Mild Hills / b Ogden area

Course Description: Start is at the Marina just as you enter the Island. Proceed east on the Causeway to the entrance booth, turn around, and proceed back to the island. At the end of the causeway, turn right to loop counter-clockwise around island. The number of loops depends on the total miles. (Loops are determined by the number of times you pass the intersection from the causeway onto the island. For instance, three loops will be the initial time passing the intersection coming off of the causeway and two more times.) On the last lap around the island, turn right onto the Ranch Road. Continue to the end of the Ranch Road where there will be a “U” turn around. Continue back on the Ranch Road to the final hill. The finish will be at the top of the hill.

Meet at: Park at the Marina on Antelope Island. Park only at the marina. Please do not park on the causeway or at the Veterans’ Memorial.

Dean Zenoni

roadcaptain@bbtc.net 801-674-5223

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