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Climb Series Bountiful 2 Hills

Sunday Aug 12 08:00 AM

10 miles / 1400 feet / O OPEN Pace / 2 Mountains / c Salt Lake area

There are 2 different climbs on this ride. The first climb is 1.75 miles with an average grade of 6.1% which would be similar to Little Cottonwood but only for 1.75 miles. The second climb is 2.5 miles with an average grade of 3.7% which would be similar to Big Mountain. What goes up must come down. You will have 2 nice downhills There is only .5 mile warm up before you hit the hill. You do not have to crush it; you just have to do it.

Meet at: Dicks Market 2280 S Orchard Drive in Bountiful Park in the Southeast corner of the lot

Lori Schoenwald

l.chidester@yahoo.com 801-631-1723

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