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Let's ride past Curt's house

Monday Feb 19 11:00 AM

43 miles / 2130 feet / B 15-18 mph / 3 Hilly (Benches) / c Salt Lake area

What better way to show optimism for a 50 degree day in mid-winter than to schedule a 40-plus-mile ride for President's Day? Hope it doesn't snow. Curt can point out where he lives. See the map for details. East on the new stretch of Parley's Trail aka the I-80 sidewalk. Head south on 2700 E and Wander Lane through Holladay to Cotton Bottom. Up the wonderful downhill past the Old Mill. The Nutree route to Bengal Blvd. Down Creek Rd to 700 E. Various streets north to the Avenues and Memory Grove. Over to the U of U, Ft. Douglas, and Research Park. Past the Zoo, down 2300 E, and back to the start. A loop with a good deal of climbing, some of it steep. We'll get strung out, but we'll regroup as needed. One set of stairs or take the elevator.

Meet at: Highland High School, 2166 S 1700 E, SLC

Timothy Shea

tshea580@gmail.com 8015980294

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