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Let's get started

Tuesday Feb 20 12:00 PM

10 miles / 300 feet / D 10-13 mph / 4-5 Flat - Mild Hills / c Salt Lake area

Designed for learning to ride in a group with traffic and pedestrians. 1 ½ times around Liberty Park to warm up. Then up 900 S to the McClelland Trail, which will take us to and through Westminster College. Through Hidden Hollow and under 1300 E for a lap around Sugarhouse Park. Back through Hidden Hollow, along the S-Line to 600 E and back to the start. Bike-designated streets, lanes, or paths and controlled intersections between the parks. The McClelland Trail is a designated bike & pedestrian route. Part street, part paved path. The S-Line is the bike & pedestrian path that follows the trolley line. 600 E is a residential street designated for bikes. We might get stretched out a bit on two climbs and descents in Sugarhouse Park, but otherwise we’ll keep the group together. Roads must be clear and dry.

Meet at: Liberty Park. 1300 S Entrance. Near the duck pond.

Timothy Shea

tshea580@gmail.com 8015980294

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