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Barbacoa Lunchtime Escape 16 or 8 Miles

Friday Feb 9 12:00 PM

16 miles / 868 feet / A-B-C 13-22 mph / 3-4 Mild - Hilly / c Salt Lake area

Dress warm and bring your filter masks! Knock out a lunchtime killer or take a relaxed spin. A good variety of up, down, and flat. We ride south on Wasatch Blvd, past the Old Mill, through Cotton Bottom, and then wind our way back north and up the hill on (mostly) gentle climbs. Please keep in mind that some people are trying to get back to work. This is an ABC paced ride. Ride will go as long as the roads are clear and dry.

Meet at: NORTH end of the Olympus Hills parking lot, BEHIND Christy Sports and Ace Hardware. Try using 3566 Jupiter Drive on your GPS.

Laurie Googasian

lgoogasian@gmail.com 248 659 2163

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