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Sandy Straight Shot (19 Miles)

Sunday Dec 3 10:00 AM

19 miles / 1001 feet / A-B-C 13-22 mph / 3 Hilly (Benches) / c Salt Lake area

We haven't done this for awhile, so let's see if we can get it in before winter hits! Easy to follow route. Straight SOUTH down 1300 E to Highland Dr, make a right, and head up to the 7-11 at the top of the hill. We'll take a quick break and then head back the way we came. Flat to rolling hills with a couple of more challenging climbs for variety. Dress for the weather and pray for wind from the south!

Meet at: the south-east corner of High Point Center. Turn off of 1300 E onto 8020 S and take the first drive on the right into the parking lot.

Laurie Googasian

lgoogasian@gmail.com 248 659 2163

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