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Parleys Trail Loop

Tuesday Nov 14 12:00 PM

31 miles / 1192 feet / A-B 15-22 mph / 3 Hilly (Benches) / c Salt Lake area

This is a NO DROP ride for strong B+ and A riders. See Map link for route. From Surgarhouse Park we go up Parley's Trail to Tanner Park turn South and work our way over to Wasatch Blvd and take it to Fort Union Blvd then down Cotton Bottom left on 6200 S to Vine then right on 700 W take Vine around Murray Park left on 5600 S up Cottonwood Ln then left on Holladay Blvd and back to Surgarhouse Park.

Meet at: Surgarhouse Park, take 1500 East entrance and turn left.

Robin Perkins

perk966@gmail.com 8017391139

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