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That Dam Ride! Hoover that is

Sunday Nov 5 10:00 AM

46 miles / 3300 feet / O OPEN Pace / 2-4 Mild - Mountainous / g

That Dam Annual Ride! This is the 4th year of the Hoover Dam Ride. Spend a week in Las Vegas with daily rides leading up to the Project HERO Honor ride. This year we will park and start near the Fox Smokehouse, so you will have some great BBQ to look forward to after the Dam Ride is over. Much of the ride will be on the River Mountain Loop Trail, and amazing bike path with views of Lake Mead, we will ride through Lake Mead National Recreation Area, so if you have a National Parks pass bring it! After exiting the park we will descend down to and ride over the Hoover Dam, then climb back out with thoughts of BBQ in our heads!!!

Meet at: Large Parking lot at: 802 Buchanan Boulevard D Boulder City, NV 89005 See map link for more directions and the ride route.

Dean Zenoni

r2rheroslc@aol.com 801-674-5223

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