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Early Morning Wake-up Ride, 22 Miles

Friday Oct 6 06:30 AM

22 miles / 535 feet / B-C 13-18 mph / 4 Mild Hills / c Salt Lake area

Ride to Liberty Park, do 1.5 laps, then south to the S-Line and Wilmington Ave (Hidden Hollow is closed) for a mild climb up to Sugarhouse Park. Then some more gradual climbing up to 2000E, then south to Keller and east up to 2300E where we do a fast roll south to Cottonwood Lane. Then it’s a quick one down Walker Lane and over to 5600S, then back to the start along VWE, 1300E and 1100E.

Meet at: Roosevelt School at 3225 S 800 E, SLC

Wylie Gerrard

wyliegerr@gmail.com 214-869-9470

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