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Heinz Fifty-Seven (18 Miles Lights Required)

Friday Oct 6 05:00 PM

18 miles / 772 feet / B 15-18 mph / 3 Hilly (Benches) / c Salt Lake area

A centrally located ride around the Valley that consists of parts of various club rides such as Bike N Brew, Riches Bagels, Barbacoa (In Reverse) and Cotton Bottom. The ride will start at the Church across from the Murray City Cemetery on Vine and 5600 South and will wind its way East, then North to Evergreen. It will then turn South and wind its way back to the Cotton Bottom where we will turn West to Fashion Blvd (Mc Millan Elem) and go to 5600 South and back. The Course is Marked with "57" and an arrow but some may look like "S7's" because my arm was getting tired of leaning out of the van to markā€¦ Please see attached map for better instructions and if you are talented enough, you can download it to your Garmin and it can tell you where to go.

Meet at: Meet at the LDS Church 5605 South Vine Street, by Murray City Cemetery. Park on the East side.

Kean Healy

keanster@comcast.net 8018913662

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