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7 For Sam METRIC John LeCain Leads it!

Sunday Oct 29 09:00 AM

68 miles / 250 feet / O OPEN Pace / 5 Flat / c Salt Lake area

combining two popular rides with 4 mileage options - all originally planned to let Sam LeCain get his seventh SuperSeries for last season in 2016.. Need one last Metric Series? this is your last chance on the last sunday of the 2017 season. Ride first leg to the SL Marina on the frontage road and back for 30 then north to Centerville and back for 28 -order of legs decided at ride start - Marina first? or Centerville? 2 legs and a short option to the Maverik on Center street gets you above 70 miles for metric credit. Lateness in the year means arm warmers knee warmers and jackets for this one, but its a great chance to roll out of the 2016 season in style. 30-58 -68 mile options

Meet at: Weather Bureau - 2200 W North Temple plentiful on-street parking

John LeCain

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