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Centerville SRO - 3 Route options 12-20-28

Monday Aug 7 06:00 PM

28 miles / 250 feet / A-B-C 13-22 mph / 5 Flat / c Salt Lake area

Short - C-D Pace, Relaxed B-C-D pace, Open A-B Pace flat evening ride out and back for a variety of riders - fast, beginner and in-between. The ride will include a choice of distances with a 12-mile Short to the Mav, a 20-mile Relaxed to the Sev , or a 28-mile Open to the Centerville Chevron stop. This ride replaces the Marina until we can see traffic conditions and Legacy wont be repaired anytime soon. gone. the two short legs are a no-drop ride but all legs will be swept.

Meet at: Weather Bureau - 2200 West North temple - ample on-street parking is available

Greg Allen

greg 8014501861

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