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Sandy Ride 23/33 miles

Friday Aug 4 08:00 AM

33 miles / A-B 15-22 mph / 3 Hilly (Benches) / c Salt Lake area

We will go up 9800 S and then down Sego Lilly, turn on 700 East and then come back up 8600 S and make it over to Dimple Dell. We will then head towards the starting point, (the 22 milers end here). Next, we make our way over to Bengal Blvd. and up to Wasatch Dr. We will bike our way to 9800 S to finish with a nice down hill.

Meet at: Fresh Market on 9400 South and Highland Dr. East side of the parking lot

Bonnie Portley

bonrx1@yahoo.com (801) 706-1570

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