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Time Trial Fee Event

Thursday May 25 05:15 PM

10 miles / 80 feet / O OPEN Pace / 5 Flat / c Salt Lake area

This is a safe fun work out, each rider leaves 30seconds apart, it is a chance to see your best individual timed effort, Salt Aire TT's are 20km or 10.2 miles and are held on the Salt Aire frontage road. We will do a 7 mile warm up and 3 mile cool down. Regroup after the TT for a cold refreshing beverage. (Like diet Dr. Pepper)... Time Trials registration is 5:30-5:55 first rider off 6pm. Ride brief is at 5:15 Sharp so every one has time to get their warm up miles in and register. The road is open to public riders and traffic. Online registration is closed, but you can register at any of the TT's or Hill Climbs, just besure to show up extra early to your first race. Your racing plate is $70 for the season the season. The cost of your first race is included then each subsequent race is $10. Or you can pay $20 per event with no plate. If you purchase a plate your points earned based on your placing and are calculated in the Utah Race Series. If you plan to attend and it is your first time please feel free to contact me prior to the ride.

Meet at: Parking is at 7200 W and I80 frontage rd. Ride West 1.3miles to start. The map link also has the parking location designated.

Dean Zenoni

r2rheroslc@aol.com 8016745223

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