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Centerville SRO (Weather Bureau 3-Route options 12-20-28)

Wednesday May 17 06:00 PM

28 miles / 250 feet / A-B-C 13-22 mph / 5 Flat / c Salt Lake area

Short - C-D Pace, Relaxed B-C-D pace, Open A-B Pace flat evening cruise out and back for a variety of riders - fast, beginner and in-between. The ride will include a choice of distances with a 12-mile Short, a 20-mile Relaxed, or a 28-mile Open to the Centerville Chevron stop. This is an early season option until the Legacy trail is repaired. Watch the weather - roads must be dry. There will be a required turn-around time to make sure all are safely back before sunlight is gone. Ride leaders will be assigned to all distances - the two short legs are a no-drop ride but all legs will be swept. http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/1484048368 http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/1006972869 ' Meet at: 2200 W north Temple park on the street by the Weather Bureau Greg Allen greg.alllen@mhtn.com 801-450-1861

Meet at: Weather Bureau at 2200 West North Temple

Greg Allen

w7ga@yahoo.com 801-450-1861

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