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Heinz 57 24/17 Mile options

Saturday Apr 8 10:00 AM

24 miles / 831 feet / O OPEN Pace / 4 Mild Hills / c Salt Lake area

Parts of a few favorite rides combined into one. For those that like to ride the Cotton bottom Ride, this is a step up to help get to the next level. The route will leave from the LDS Church on the corner of 5600 South and Vine (across from Murray City Cemetery) and head east to Holiday. It will then turn north following the 'Cotton Bottom route' until Evergreen where it will turn East. We will turn on 2700 East and follow the reverse 'Barbacoa' route down 2700 East where we will turn onto Murray Holladay Rd and eventually pick up the 'Bike-N-Brew' route back to the start on Vine and 5600 South. The shorter route will turn off at Fashion Blvd where the longer route will travel over to 1300 west where it follows some of the East/West route down 4800 south and over to the hospital. There is a bit of climbing on this one but it is a great way to get your legs. NOTE: We will regroup at the top of Evergreen where you go through the 'S' Curves as well as the turn at Cotton Bottom. A long and short version of the Heinz 57 ride. The longer version is 24 miles where the shorter one which follows the same route through most of it will allow you to finish with 17 miles. I have made a couple of changes to the original Heinz 57 which should be a bit safer when coming out onto Holiday Blvd as we will now have a light to make the left hand turn to go south.

Meet at: Meet at the LDS Church 5605 South Vine Street, by Murray City Cemetery. Park on the East side.

Shannon Healy

mommykoala@gmail.com 8018849471

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