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Murdock Trail - 34 miles

Tuesday Apr 11 09:00 AM

34 miles / O OPEN Pace / 3-4 Mild - Hilly / d Provo area

This ride begins at the Bull River Road Trailhead on the Murdock Trail in Lehi. It is a paved trail that is a mixture of flat and a few small hills. The path is wide to accommodate bikers and walkers. It is an open pace so you can go the speed that best fits your needs. We ride until the trail ends before going toward the mountains and Vivian Park. We will turn around at this point.

Meet at: Meet at the Bull River Road on the Murdock Trail Trailhead. Take Timpanogas Highway eastbound (not the commuter lane) and then take Lehi 1200 West exit. Turn right and then an immediate right to go west on Bull River Road approximately 1400 west in Lehi.

Rexanne Pond

zoobiedoo70@hotmail.com 801-891-2937

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