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Bluffdale -- Saratoga Springs Loop

Saturday Mar 4 10:00 AM

27 miles / 330 feet / O OPEN Pace / 4-5 Flat - Mild Hills / c Salt Lake area

This is a 27-mile ride which loops south on the Jordan River Parkway and then returns on Redwood Road. This route showcases the southern sections of the Jordan River Parkway trail and adjacent Jordan River Water Trail, which, isn’t typically navigable until later in the year when water is released from Utah Lake. Our route begins on flat-to-rolling terrain, sneaks past huge wind turbines below Camp Williams and then drops down and crosses over the river by Thanksgiving Point. On the return, there will be a modest 330-foot climb (over 3.5 miles) on Redwood Road. The first one-half mile of this course is a poorly maintained road, but very ridable when taken slow. Our itinerary includes an optional stop at Kneaders in Saratoga Springs at around the 19-mile point for morning coffee, snacks and to socialize before peddling back to our cars. Bike locks are recommended for those who stop. Meet Elliott in Bluffdale at the Spring View Farms Trailhead, 1350 West 14600 South, at 10:00am.

Meet at: Spring View Farms Trailhead, 1350 West 14600 South, Bluffdale. Exit I-15 on 14600 South and go west, or, go east from 14400 South Redwood Road (where the Maverik station is) and follow the road around south, then east to Spring View Farms Trailhead.

Elliott Mott

elliott887@msn.com 801-969-2846

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