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Death Valley - Stovepipe Wells (Store) out and back

Thursday Mar 2 09:00 AM

49 miles / 1128 feet / O OPEN Pace / 3-4 Mild - Hilly / g

This ride is similar to Beatty Road but we go straight and do not take the cutoff. It is 60% less elevation gain. We travel by sand dunes you can play on and the parking lot has restrooms. The store in Stovepipe Wells has ice cream and snacks before the return back to camp. (John Schwed always gets a burger and fries at the friendly Badwater Saloon) You can get salads as well. The return is open riding down into the Death Valley Basin. 1. All rides have restrooms at the half way points and no water or snacks available on the first two rides. (In the desert drink plenty of water (2/4 bottles). 2. Tune up bikes before the trip. 3. Practice on trainer or outside roads before the trip. 4. Take your time to have a good time. 5. Take pictures for the memories!

Meet at: Starting out at Furnace Creek Campground

Debra Kimbrough

livegan@msn.com 801.598.8273

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