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6 Hours of Frog Hollow FEE EVENT

Saturday Apr 15 09:00 AM

100 miles / M MTB / 3 Hilly (Benches) / e So. Utah area

Join me for the 6 Hours of Frog Hollow MTB Race. It's one of the funnest events I've ever done. A timed event over a 13.5 mile loop that you ride as many times as you can in 6 hours. I am doing it solo but there is also a team option for those who don't want that big of an adventure. I would love to see some BCC'rs team up. It's held mostly on the JEM trail near Virgin Utah. Who's in? http://6hoursinfroghollow.com/

Meet at: Virgin Utah

John McCool

mccoolthecyclist@yahoo.com 801-230-5472

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