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Memorial Day to Antelope Island SUPERSERIES and Early metric NOTE EARLIER START TIME

Monday May 29 08:00 AM

107 miles / O OPEN Pace / 3 Hilly (Benches) / c Salt Lake area

Ride to Antelope Island Garr Ranch . The scenic metric. starts at Station Park and the Super starts at Westpointe Park in SLC so everyone can enjoy the scenic end of this route on the Island. Early metric option is less scenic but goes with the super from Westpointe Park. Both routes cover the Angel Street corridor to Antelope Drive. A social from Farmington is always a possibility too Two ride leaders minimum are needed due to the separate start points Route marks are only required to the Antelope causeway gate because you cant get lost on an island.

Meet at: WestPointe Park SLC 1100 North 2 blocks west of Redwood road

Don Williams

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